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Text or Call - Our Landline Does It All

Over 150 million texts are sent every day to landline and toll-free numbers, and that figure is steadily rising. “Texting is the new norm; It is a part of the fabric of our daily communication. Everyone is texting, from teenagers to grandparents. If you’re not texting with your patients or customers, you’re falling behind.

Landline texting is different from the short-code texting solutions common in the medical industry. Zipwhip is a great tool to add on top of using an automated texting program. For those appointments not confirmed through our existing solution, Zipwhip allows us to reach our patients immediately.

Our patients love the ease and convenience of landline texting. The convenience of using our landline and computer to communicate with our patients allows us to multitask throughout the day in an efficient way. I can be helping a patient who is here in the office and text another patient at the same time. Without Zipwhip, I would have to either put the patient on the phone on hold or ask my patient standing at the front desk to wait until I am off the phone.

Our patients like texting a number they recognize, and they like how easy it is to reach us. You can even send us a text after our normal business hours and we will get back to you on our next business day.

Karen Goode
Office Manager